New Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mattifying Facial Cleanser


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Introducing the oil-free take on the #1 facial cleanser in America. Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Oil-Free One-Step Mattifying Facial Cleanser features an oil-free formula that delivers a fresh-foaming deep clean. Containing gentle cleansing agents, it creates a fresh, lightweight foam as you lather, effectively purging your face of oil, dirt, and makeup build-up. Formulated with bamboo extract that leaves skin with a healthy-matte appearance and a squeaky-clean, balanced feel.

Key benefits:
Purges skin of oil and dirt, eliminates makeup build-up, leaves skin with a healthy- matte appearance

Key ingredients:
Bamboo extract- derived from a flowering plant of the gramineae family and is known for it’s mattifying properties and ability to absorb oil. Leaves skin with a healthy-matte appearance, and a squeaky-clean feel.

Clinical results:

  • 90% reported a visible reduction of excess oil on skin’s surface*
  • 88% reported their skin had a shine-free appearance after use*
  • immediately removes skin-damaging pollutants**